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Brother PR1000e Entrepreneur PRO

Perfect 10 Needle 14x14" Embroidery Machine (Video below)

  • 10 Needles. Spend more time embroidering and less time changing threads. A 50,000 stitch 10 color design embroiders 30% faster than a single needle machine, Adjust individual needle speed from 400 to 1000 Stitches Per Minute. Brother PR1000
  • 10 Thread Eyelet Threading System With Auto Threading from Any Screen eliminates tangles and and maintains Consistent Tension. Perfect tension on all 10 needles
  • 4.5" x 7" wide-angle HD LED LCD display by Sharp Corporation.
  • 10 Full Spectrum LED Lights above needles has the brightness of 35 light bulbs and eliminates shadows.
  • 10 Lights in the InnovaChrome LED Thread Color System. LED Lights below each of 10 spool pins on the thread stand are color coded to match 10 of up to 300 thread colors shown on the screen. So you can never mismatch thread spool color indicated on the main control panel. These lights also flash to advise of thread color change, thread breakage, design completion, and empty status.
  • No need to babysit your machine
  • Extra Large Extension Work Table
  • 4 Hoops up to 8x14" included. Plus Ear to Ear Cap Hoop, Cylinder Hoop, 14" x 14" Jumbo Hoop, Border Hoop, and others also available.
  • 110 Built-in Exclusive Embroidery Designs.
  • 35 Fonts, Alphabets and Monogram Styles
  • Color palette, 300 colors for visual indication of correct thread color
  • InnovEye® Technology from Quattro NV6700D: built-in camera above the needle that is sewing. Precise positioning of your center and starting point is easy with the new 200% actual size zoom and visual grid function. Use the InnovEye to view any thread breakage point, then select the grid function to determine the spot to restart your embroidery.
  • Snowman® Embroidery Precise Positioning Marker using needle camera for perfect placement, matching the angle of your embroidery to the angle of your hooped fabric.
  • PE-Design NEXT Upgrade Software to PE Design 5.0 - 9.0
  • Link up to four PR-1000e, PR1000, or upgraded PR-650 machines to one computer
  • Queue up to 100 designs
  • Built-in memory: 1.7MB; save up to 500,000 stitches to memory
  • Built-in tutorial movies, diagrams and instructions
  • NEW! Optional Upgrade Kit*(PRPUGK1)with scanning, Color Shuffling™, Auto Density Adjustment and more.
  • Upgraded Warranty: 2 Year Parts, 5 Year Electronics, 25 Year Frame Limited Warranty.

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The perfect machine for the hobbyist, crafter, or run a custom embroidery business out of your home or shop.

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