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Fixing problems with the video

Many videos are not hosted by Jomax. They’re on YouTube. Clicking the screen on Jomax's web site streams them from YouTube. Here are some tips if you have problems:

Install Flash Player:

If the place for the video is an empty box and broken window you will need to download and installed Flash Player. That should take care of the problem.

Download the Flash Player.

If the problem remains the next step is to check browser settings. It’s possible that your browser is blocking YouTube.

In Firefox, click Tools / Options. Click Privacy. Click Exceptions. In “Address of Web site,” enter “youtube.com” (without the quote marks). Click Allow. Also, search the list for YouTube. If it is shown as blocked, click it. Click Remove Site>>Close. Click OK to close the Options window.

In Internet Explorer, click Tools / Internet Options. Select the Privacy tab. Click Sites. In the “Address of website” box, enter “youtube.com” (without the quote marks). Click Allow. Also, check the “Managed websites” list. If YouTube is being block there, click it. Click Remove.

Disable security programs:

Click the Security tab. Click “Restricted sites,” then the Sites button. Check the Websites list. If YouTube is there, click it. Click Remove / Close. Click OK on the Internet Options window.

Still have the problem? Maybe it’s a security program. Perhaps one or more has blocked YouTube. Shut down all of your security programs. You’ll be safe. Just don’t start opening attachments or other webs sites while your testing

Try the video page in each browser. If you now see the video, you’re on to something. Try enabling the security programs one by one. When you find the problem, open the program. It probably has a place to specifically allow sites. Enter “youtube.com” (without the quote marks) there.

If nothing has worked, try new browsers. We use and recommend Firefox, which is safer than Internet Explorer. Also, try Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome or Opera.

Google "Web Accelerator"

A message that the video is no longer available is often caused by the Google Web Accelerator. This product has a known conflict with Flash. The conflict produces the “no longer available” message.

Easy fix: Open Internet Explorer or Firefox. Click on the Google Web Accelerator button at the top of the window. Select Preferences. Find the box under Don’t Accelerate These Sites. Type “JomaxSewAndVac.com” (minus quotes) in the box. Then click Save Preferences.

You could also remove Google Web Accelerator from your computer. Click Start / Control Panel. In XP, select Add or Remove Programs. In Vista, select Programs and Features. Find Google Web Accelerator in the list. Click Remove, and follow the instructions.